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Vaccines: What All Parents Need to Know About It

Vaccines What All Parents Need to Know About It

As a parent, you may have already been introduced to vaccines by your parents, your fellow parents or someone working in the medical field. But the questions is: do you know enough about this?

Family Primary Care gives preventive care services. Our Primary Care Physician in North Carolina specializes in administering vaccines especially to young children and older individuals. Here are the things you need to know about vaccination and your duty as a parent:

  • Vaccines are vital to your child’s immunity.

    Vaccines are important tools in maintaining one’s health. It serves as our shields against harmful toxins, viruses, and bacteria invisible to our naked eye. Your child is susceptible to these unfriendly foes making them sick without warning.

    Because of vaccines, diseases like chickenpox do not pose a threat. Smallpox no longer plagues our planet as it has been totally eradicated last 1980. If we continue vaccinating a generation, we may erase preventable diseases, such as polio, chickenpox, and much more.

  • Vaccines do not pose a threat to your child.

    Vaccines are safe as much as they are effective. Pharmacists, scientists, and doctors are making sure that these are made of the highest standard because they will be administered to young children.

    It has been tested over and over again. It undergoes a series of evaluation before it is released in the market. And parents, you can be assured for there has been no evidence that vaccines cause autism or other illnesses for that matter.

  • Vaccines cannot be outmatched by clean water and modern hygiene.

    Our ancestors made it without vaccines and they grew old enough to see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Can we do so too since we already have enough awareness about clean water and modern hygiene practices?

    No. Being vaccinated by a pediatrician or seeking help from your Family Primary Care in Greensboro North Carolina is still the most effective way to prevent your child from getting sick. Clean water and hygiene will only do much as slowing the disease down from going to one host to another. However, it does not kill it as much as vaccination can effectively do.

  • Vaccines contain safe ingredients.

    Ingredients in vaccines contain antigens and adjuvants.

    Antigens are weak or dead germs that cause diseases. It enters your child’s system to help their white blood cells understand the disease and take preventive measures to eradicate once the real disease kicks in. Think of it like an earthquake drill where the body prepares itself for the actual infection.

Antigens are paired with adjuvants. If antigens are earthquake drill, adjuvants are the tools used during an emergency rescue.

Let us help fight against these preventable diseases. Visit Family Primary Care in High Point NC.

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