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Treating Wounds and Physical Trauma


If your family member experiences a car accident, they may suffer from deep bruises and wounds. These injuries may also result in temporary mobility impairment that can affect their quality of life immensely.

Even if your loved one makes it out of the hospital, they still need to rest at home to recuperate from their injuries. If there are cuts and deep wounds as a result of the accident, you or someone from a medical provider needs to help them clean and change the bandages frequently to avoid infection.

Your loved one also needs to eat healthy foods and get enough sleep so that their body can function well and heal any damaged tissues quickly. Sometimes, their condition may cause them to lose their appetite. However, it’s essential that you or someone from the family primary care in North Carolina remind them that they need to stay healthy to recover.

If your loved one feels pain and discomfort while they recuperate, you may apply home remedies like a warm or cold compress, anti-inflammatory gel, or ointments to the bruised area. For faster relief, you may give them pain killers or any prescribed drugs. It’s essential that you remind them not to scratch their wounds if they are itchy.

It may be emotionally depressing for your loved one, especially if their wounds prevent them from getting around the house like they used to. However, by utilizing the primary care services in High Point, North Carolina, they can recover quickly. Lots of encouragement can also help.

As soon as the wounds heal, it may help if you accompany your loved one to a physical therapist to help them recover from mobility impairment. If they have psychological trauma, allow them to see a psychiatrist.

If you need care services for wounds and injuries or have inquiries, you may contact Family Primary Care at your convenience.

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