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Treat Your Acute Insomnia Fast

Treat Your Acute Insomnia Fast

If you are finding it difficult to enjoy a decent sleep at night for weeks, then you may have acute insomnia. Unlike transient insomnia, which only lasts for only three nights, the former ailment can last up to a month or so.

Of course, you are not alone. Acute insomnia also affects many people all over the world. You may have even encountered people or friends who complain about having sleep problems. However, there are still possible treatments of this ailment that sometimes strips you of your well-deserved rest.

When insomnia deprives you of your precious sleep, you will often have poor concentration, fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms, and irritability during the day. These symptoms can affect your regular activities, relationships, and life quality.

If you have not done so already, you may try the following insomnia home remedies before bedtime:

  • Take a warm bath before going to bed to ease your muscle tensions
  • Apply chamomile lotion to your body
  • Bring in small house plants in your bedroom to filter the air
  • Play soft music

As per the experts of our family primary care in North Carolina, either psychological or physical factors can cause insomnia. Such may include medical conditions, hormonal change, depression, prescriptions, and external factors like a new environment or a roommate who snores when they sleep.

It is essential that you work closely with your medical provider to identify the factors affecting your sleep. Health experts can help determine the appropriate treatment for you before your ailment develops into chronic insomnia that can deteriorate your health quickly.

Our primary care services in High Point, North Carolina cater to the health and care needs of people suffering from various ailments, including insomnia. If you need to speak with our health experts regarding your condition, you may give us a call for an appointment.

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