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Top Most Common Chronic Illnesses in Older Adults (Part One)

Top Most Common Chronic Illnesses in Older Adults (Part One)
Did you know that at least 80% of seniors deal with at least one chronic disease? Meanwhile, 68% of the elderly population live with two or more medical conditions.

If someone you love is part of them, you need not worry. Although these statistics look grim, aging adults can still optimize their health and quality of life. All they need to do is manage their symptoms with the help of primary care services in High Point, North Carolina.

To help your loved ones stay as fit and as healthy as possible, allow us at Family Primary Care to share a list of the most common chronic conditions among seniors, as compiled by the National Council on Aging. Only the top two are going to be enumerated here, however, so best stay tuned for the next blog to know the rest of the list:

  • High blood pressure

    Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is a grave condition affecting 58% of the senior population who are on Medicare. It is usually called the “silent killer” since it damages blood vessels and can lead to stroke and other potentially fatal conditions, all the while showing no symptoms.

    A family primary care in North Carolina can help your loved ones prevent or reduce their risk of hypertension by regularly checking their blood pressure to detect pre-hypertension or monitor their progress.

  • High cholesterol

    Statistics show that around forty-seven percent of seniors on Medicare have been treated for high cholesterol. While the body needs cholesterol to function properly, too much of it can also increase one’s risk of heart disease.

A medical provider can advise your loved ones on the appropriate steps they can take to prevent or reduce high cholesterol.

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