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The Dangers in Self-Medication


There are times that you feel sick or uncomfortable with your own self or health, so people tend to turn to self-diagnosis or self-medication. One of the reasons for this is because the consultation fee of different medical providers or people tends to turn to previous knowledge without properly analyzing the symptoms of the disease/s. Here are some of the dangers of self-medication:

  • Can cause further complications

    Misdiagnosis can cause the wrong medication to be used to treat it. It has to be the right medicine and dosage in order to properly treat the disease or illness.

  • The resistance of certain pathogens

    It can cause some bacteria or viruses to be resistant to previous medicine/s that are able to kill them. It can be very dangerous to us and the whole medical field.

  • More expensive

    It causes more medications to be used, thus, it becomes more costly. That is why there is a lot of provider of family primary care in North Carolina.

It is also wise to consult your doctors to avoid these negative effects. Visit us at Family Primary Care, your number one provider of primary care services in High Point, North Carolina. Inquire and contact us today!

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