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Lowering Your Risk of Having Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common illnesses that affect adults. In the US, 1 out of 4 adults is suffering from arthritis. The causes vary for different people. Some are at higher risk because of inherited genes and some because of their lifestyle. Between these two, the lifestyle risk factor is controllable. Providers of … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Surviving the Cold Quarter of the Year

We have reached that part of the year when the days get shorter and the climate gets colder. The drop in temperature carries a lot of health risks for both young and old. As a provider of primary care in High Point, North Carolina, we would like you to stay healthy and make the most … Continue reading

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Importance of Vaccines

Vaccines have long been tested to be safe and effective in providing immunity against preventable diseases such as measles and mumps. Moreover, the more people are vaccinated, the safer the community is since a blanket immunity is created. This happens in a way that even if one person in a community has missed vaccination, he/she … Continue reading

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Managing High Cholesterol in Senior Adults

Many senior adults deal with high cholesterol as they continue to age. They may have developed it due to lack of activity, unhealthy diet, and being obese. While their body needs cholesterol to maintain the build-up of healthy cells, too much can increase their risk of heart disease. For your senior loved one to manage … Continue reading

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Choose Smart Food Groups for a Healthy Life

It is essential for you to choose smart food groups when preparing for your mealtime for you to become active and healthy as per our health experts in Family Primary Care. For you to have a balanced diet, you need to have carbohydrates, protein, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, fats, and sugars. To give yourself the … Continue reading

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