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Symptoms of Arthritis Some Adults Don’t Realize They Have

Symptoms of Arthritis Some Adults Don’t Realize They Have

There are adults who suffer from the early stages of arthritis without knowing it. You can even be an unaware victim of the disease! Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more joints with which its pains are sometimes mistaken as a minor muscle cramp or ordinary numbness.

Arthritis used to only commonly hit middle-aged adults and elders. Today, however, it is alarming that even children and teenagers are no longer exempted from this chronic disease.

Discounting the seriousness of the condition could only make it more complicated. It is hence important that a person detects arthritis right at its early stages for immediate treatments.

Symptoms of arthritis can be imitated by other diseases, but they are nevertheless the very characteristic of the disease. You’ll know you’ve acquired this type of condition when the following symptoms are evident in you:

  1. Complications in the Joints

    There’s a lot that can happen with the joints when arthritis is active. It can cause painful swelling, redness, tenderness, and stiffness. It can also lead to joint deformity. All of these usually occur in the fingers, arms, wrists, knees, and legs. The joint irregularities can also be associated with an injury or infection.

    These complications affect your normal way of living. It adds pains to your basic movements, decreases your sustenance in performing physical activities, and even disturbs you in your sleep.

  2. Fatigue

    Fatigue is said to be a very common symptom in all stages of arthritis, especially when the inflammation is very active. Fatigue can also result from anemia and poor sleep. Other than that, arthritis can require certain medications that upset the person’s normal immune response. There is a certain level of physical weariness that no muscle sore can compare.

  3. Fever

    Infectious arthritis can be accompanied by fever, and sometimes, chills. Fever is also associated with loss of appetite. The loss of appetite results in unhealthy weight loss which ought to be given serious attention.

Various action points have been recommended to remedy the pains brought by arthritis. Taking medications, getting therapies, following a diet plan, and losing weight are a few suggested shields against the well-known disease.

Chronic Disease Management can also be deemed necessary, more so when patients are hard of combating the disease alone. At Family Primary Care, we walk by our chronically ill patients so they can have a better handling of their condition. We are a Family Primary Care in Greensboro North Carolina established to serve your whole family by correctly addressing your health concerns.

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