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Stress-Eating and Smoking Can Trigger Hypertension

Stress-Eating and Smoking Can Trigger Hypertension
If you have a family history of hypertension, then you must be careful with your food intake and lifestyle because they may trigger symptoms that can cause harm to your body.

Stress-eating is one of the common reasons why many people experience hypertension down the road because they do not watch their weight or what they are eating anymore .

“Food is life!” Many people always declare that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of eating a delicious grilled steak or pizza whenever you feel stressed out with your daily activities. However, there are long-term consequences of this unhealthy habit such as unwanted weight gain and hypertension. Eating these types of food is great as long as you do not make it as something that you always do whenever you feel down or depressed.

If you are a smoker, you may want to quit the vice as well. Although a cigarette may temporarily relieve your momentary stress, it can increase the risk of developing hypertension. For starters, do not buy any more packs of cigarettes and stay away from people who smoke. If the smoking addiction withdrawal wears you out, join a support group and seek help.

As a medical provider, we believe that prevention is better than cure. We can provide preventive measures and options for you so you can continue to live a long, healthy life. Of course, we need your commitment as well that, as much as possible, you practice self-care.

When you think that you are developing symptoms of hypertension, our primary care services in High Point, North Carolina can offer you a private consultation along with an examination. We can provide you with prescriptions that can treat the symptoms. We can also recommend a customized exercise routine for you to follow.

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