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Relieving Asthma Naturally

Asthma has been a nuisance to many families, especially when it comes to taking care of asthmatic children. Characterized by difficulty in breathing and debility, asthma is a chronic disease causing major inconvenience. Although medication can help control and alleviate symptoms of asthma, natural and homeopathic remedies are also very valuable during cases of emergency asthma attacks.

Natural or homemade therapies are very effective in managing symptoms of asthma. Factors such as diet, stress management, environmental toxins, and living conditions may cause an attack. Asthma can be caused by various factors, but irritants and toxins are usually the primary culprits. As prevention is always better than cure, it is always better to know how to avoid attacks by being aware and informed. To help prevent or relieve asthma symptoms and attacks, please refer to the following natural and holistic approaches:

  1. Eat healthily and avoid foods that may trigger asthma attacks. Maintaining a balanced and well-planned diet can be the best approach to avoiding asthma. As a guide, here’s a list of foods to eat if you or your children are prone to asthma attacks:
    • Foods rich in vitamin A
    • High-folate foods
    • Vitamin C rich foods
    • Omega-3 rich foods
    • Probiotic foods
    • Foods rich in magnesium
    • High-fiber foods
    • Foods rich in vitamin B5
    • Foods rich in zinc
  2. Avoid high-processed food and food with high MSG content.
  3. Try taking supplements rich in vitamin D which helps strengthen and improve lung function.
  4. Use essential oils during the onslaught of an attack. These oils help clear-up the airways and help with relaxation. Eucalyptus and peppermint oil are your best choices.
  5. Light exercise is helpful as physical activity is beneficial to your lungs and muscles. Try yoga to help with relaxation as well.
  6. Monitor your symptoms, medications, and attacks with an asthma journal.
  7. Make sure to get adequate sleep.
  8. Do your best to avoid external contributors of asthma such as toxins, pollutants, and irritants. Try to avoid the following:
    1. Second-hand smoke coming from cigarettes, chimneys, wood-burning stoves, etc.
    2. Anti-bacterial disinfectants and soaps.
    3. Petroleum-based products.
    4. Aerosols or air fresheners.
  9. Change the bedding and pillowcases at least every week and make sure to use sheets that are non-allergic.
  10. Frequently sweep or vacuum floors and carpets.
  11. Alleviate stress through deep breathing or massage. This eliminates the possibility of an asthma attack.
  12. Sometimes, exposing yourself to irritants helps in developing immunity. So don’t keep your kids or yourself inside the house. Increase exposure to allergens or irritants outside may be slightly beneficial.

These natural approaches may benefit you and your family greatly. Of course, it is also necessary to have frequent checkups to help you manage this chronic disease. Family Primary Care in Greensboro North Carolina can help you with asthma management and we can help you come up with a care plan suitable for your condition. By offering Primary Care Services in North Carolina, we understand the need to be able to approach a reliable and effective provider for care services to handle common but difficult chronic diseases. A trusted care provider, like Family Primary Care, is important in managing asthma, and being prepared and conscious is highly advantageous. For more information about us and other asthma management options, please visit our website

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