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Proper Wound Care 101

Proper Wound Care 101

There are a lot of times when people experience accidents and acquire a couple of wounds may it be small or big. However, open wounds can be very dangerous and must be handled carefully by any medical provider or even by the family since wounds can be greatly infected by bacteria and the like. So, here are some tips about how properly attend to it:

  • Wash thoroughly
    The first step to proper care is to wash the wound properly in order to get rid of various debris and/or bacteria. It will help in lessening the chances of infection to occur.
  • Apply disinfectant
    There are a lot of disinfectants that can help in cleaning up the wound. It is very important to kill the bacteria or any other pathogens that are in the wound and are not able to be washed off with water.
  • Change the dressing
    This is important to prevent the bacteria from living in the old dressing. You can have it professionally done by any provider of family primary care in North Carolina or even by yourself with proper provision and learning!

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