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Lowering Your Risk of Having Arthritis

Lowering Your Risk of Having Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common illnesses that affect adults. In the US, 1 out of 4 adults is suffering from arthritis. The causes vary for different people. Some are at higher risk because of inherited genes and some because of their lifestyle. Between these two, the lifestyle risk factor is controllable. Providers of primary care services in North Carolina aim to help you lower your risk of having arthritis and other diseases through preventive measures. For arthritis, the following lifestyle changes or practices are recommended:

  • Control your weight
    Being overweight puts too much stress on your weight-bearing joints like the hips and knees. This is the reason why people struggling with obesity are more likely to get knee osteoarthritis. Seek the advice of a professional provider of primary care in High Point, North Carolina on how to kickstart your weight loss program or how to maintain your ideal weight.
  • Quit smoking
    Smoking increases the risk of many diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. It causes stress on connective tissues and also makes being physically active harder.
  • Protect your joints
    Incurring joint injuries contributes to developing osteoarthritis in that particular joint. It is important to exercise our joints but not to strain them. So daily, gentle stretches that move the joints are advised.

As a reliable primary care clinic, we can help you with either arthritis prevention or management. Family Primary Care offers chronic disease management, preventative care services, among others. Feel free to contact or visit us if you have further inquiries.

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