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Live a Life That Helps Manage Your Diabetes

Live a Life That Helps Manage Your Diabetes
Many people develop diabetes because of living an unhealthy lifestyle and eating foods that trigger the symptoms. When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you have to monitor your eating habits and daily routines so that your symptoms will not worsen.

Sometimes, work can stress you out. The stress you experience may tempt you to eat sweets to give your mood a boost. However, eating too many of them can result in mood swings, especially when you experience a sugar crash. Sugar creates a cycle of intense cravings, and it makes you feel as if eating a few sweets is never enough; you are bound to eat some more, causing a risk for diabetes.

As per our health and medical experts in Family Primary Care, when you deprive yourself of sleeping because you need to work late or want to do a movie marathon, then you also put yourself at risk of developing symptoms of diabetes. Your body’s response to sleep loss can relate to insulin resistance since the insulin’s job is to help the body use sugar for energy, the lack of it causes your cells to fail to use the hormone efficiently, resulting in high blood sugar.

Symptoms of high blood sugar includes:

  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigue
  • Increased thirst or hunger
  • Frequent urination

If you want to do a screening to check if you have diabetes or high blood sugar, you can visit our family primary care in North Carolina. You can call us first and set an appointment with our health experts to examine you.

If our experts for primary care services in High Point, North Carolina provide your prescription drugs and a customized exercise routine to help you reduce your blood sugar levels, we recommend you follow them to treat your symptoms.

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