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How to Manage Bronchial Asthma at Home

How to Manage Bronchial Asthma at Home

Being sick at home requires attention and intervention as immediate as possible. Illnesses and diseases call the attention of all family members. It makes everyone worried. No illness is equal or the same to the previous one. Complex or simple attention has to be given to avoid complications. Just like bronchial asthma. We see asthma as a regular detriment at home, may it be young and old. Because bronchial asthma is chronic, some members of the family don’t take it seriously at all. May it be known to all that not all bronchial asthma attacks are the same, it is fatal if no intervention is given. People might see it as something that is similar to a cough but that’s totally wrong. Bronchial asthma is way more than just a regular cough.

Unlike cough, bronchial asthma is more likely related to allergies. This happens when histamine is released into the body by mast cells. Histamine is the one responsible for a lot of symptoms namely nasal stuffiness, airway constriction during an asthma attack, and itchy skin allergies. During a bronchial asthmatic attack, airway constricts because it is inflamed. It will then cause limitation in airflow. The inflammation results in feelings of chest tightness and breathlessness often at night time or early in the morning. Other people who have bronchial asthma only feel the symptoms when they are under stress or when they are exercising.

It is also triggered by second-hand smoking. That is the reason why in a household where some members are smokers, attacks are more often. Many believe that asthmatic people are very sensitive and that is very true. A small speck of dust or pollen, pollution, and even extreme weather change can greatly affect the health of an asthmatic individual, it may even cause death if not intervened. A lot of people see asthmatic patients as weak and sickly sometimes. They may even look unattractive and this is because of excessive allergens that immediately affects them. Imagine a slight perfume scent or fabric conditioner or even singing, crying, and laughing, you end up having an asthmatic attack? Yes, it is that intense and it is that serious!

Before bronchial asthma progresses, there are obvious signs and symptoms including wheezing, chest tightness, and excessive coughing. With these signs, bronchial asthma still remains unpredictable that is causing late diagnosis. Family Primary Care offers Primary Care Physician in Greensboro North Carolina. We can visit you at home for your welfare and convenience. We have professional and high-quality care to manage bronchial asthma in the comfort of your own home. Family Primary Care in High Point NC assures comprehensive care for all. We have a no discrimination policy. Our doors are open to all.

There is no treatment for bronchial asthma, once diagnosed, all we can do is to manage the symptoms and prevent further attacks by lifestyle management. If you find this post helpful for your friends and family who have bronchial asthma, don’t forget to share this on your social media account!

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