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How to Deal with Muscle Strain Due to Overstretching

How to Deal with Muscle Strain Due to Overstretching

Stretching is a healthy exercise that people perform to improve their flexibility and posture. It’s also a form of warm-up during exercise. It’s essential you do stretching first before your workout to increase your blood flow and to help your muscles recuperate from your workout drills.

Overstretching, however, is discouraged because it causes muscle strain. When you overstretch, you injure your muscles or tear them. When the latter happens, it can damage small blood vessels, causing pain and possible bleeding due to the inflammation of the nerve endings.

If for any reason you have strained your muscles due to overstretching, you can try putting an ice pack first on the affected area for twenty minutes or so. You can also relieve the pain by taking ibuprofen. However, if home remedies bring no relief, you may need to look for a medical provider or make an appointment with your doctor. With proper treatment, you can completely recover from muscle strain.

At Family Primary Care, we can offer professional medical advice if you have muscle problems. We can assess the extent of the stretching that you can do, so you won’t strain your muscles. We can also give you our workout drills that may be suitable for you. It’s essential you understand your condition to avoid any risks of injury or sprains.

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