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Eating Large Meals Can Cause Heartburn

Eating Large Meals Can Cause Heartburn

One of the most common food-related causes of heartburn is eating large meals. When you eat large meals regularly, it makes it difficult for the bottom of your esophagus to stay closed. Because large chunks of food can sit in your stomach longer, it encourages the production of more stomach acid in your body to digest them.

As per the experts in our family primary care in North Carolina, they believe that it can help curb your cravings for a large meal when you eat snacks in between two full meals. Snacking is a way to fill up your stomach and prevent you from feeling hungry all the time. Of course, eat only the healthy ones. Such may include a peanut butter sandwich, homemade granola bars, yogurt with fruits, and oatmeal cookies.

Stress may also tempt you to binge, which is why it is essential that you learn how to cope with life stressors. Many people lean toward eating large meals to release physical and mental tensions from work or other activities. They visit restaurants or fast food chains and order lots of food, believing they are way too hungry to eat a regular meal.

If you want to avoid eating a lot, drink plenty of water. Drinking water before you eat your meals can help you eat less. Since water can fill up a large part of your stomach, you can already feel full when you eat several spoonfuls of food.

You can treat heartburns with antacids. However, if you or your loved ones are experiencing frequent heartburns, it is essential that you visit your medical provider for examination. Sometimes, heartburn is a symptom for a chronic illness.

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