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Diabetes Prevention and Management

Diabetes is a lifelong condition since once you acquired it, you have it forever. It is a condition wherein your blood sugar is higher than normal because your insulin is not properly working either because your pancreas isn’t producing enough or either your cells are not able to use it properly. Type 1 and type … Continue reading

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Treating Wounds and Physical Trauma

If your family member experiences a car accident, they may suffer from deep bruises and wounds. These injuries may also result in temporary mobility impairment that can affect their quality of life immensely. Even if your loved one makes it out of the hospital, they still need to rest at home to recuperate from their … Continue reading

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Managing and Controlling Diabetes for Aging Adults

Aging individuals find it more and more difficult to control and manage diabetes. If you have an aging parent that has diabetes, you may want to utilize the primary care services in High Point, North Carolina to help them adjust to this health situation. When you seek assistance from a medical provider, they can provide … Continue reading

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Controlling Asthma: Seek Help from Our Medical Provider

Millions of people all over the world have asthma. A lot of them who experience an asthma attack get rushed to a local hospital or emergency facility to receive proper care and treatment. Children and senior citizens who have asthma need a lot of supervision. They need a clean and healthy environment to avoid triggering … Continue reading

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Think Twice Before Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Excessive alcohol use can harm your health. Drinking too much can lead you to lose years of potential life and result in early death due to chronic diseases that can develop. Excessive drinking can mean binging on alcohol in one sitting or drinking multiple times within a week. Binge drinking is a serious concern but … Continue reading

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