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Proper Wound Care 101

There are a lot of times when people experience accidents and acquire a couple of wounds may it be small or big. However, open wounds can be very dangerous and must be handled carefully by any medical provider or even by the family since wounds can be greatly infected by bacteria and the like. So, … Continue reading

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Arthritis Management and Prevention

Arthritis is a general term that is the inflammation of your joints. The common types of it are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It may further complicate as you age and it is one of the leading cause of falls or accidents. That is why family primary care in North Carolina is very important especially for … Continue reading

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The Dangers in Self-Medication

There are times that you feel sick or uncomfortable with your own self or health, so people tend to turn to self-diagnosis or self-medication. One of the reasons for this is because the consultation fee of different medical providers or people tends to turn to previous knowledge without properly analyzing the symptoms of the disease/s. … Continue reading

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Diabetes Prevention and Management

Diabetes is a lifelong condition since once you acquired it, you have it forever. It is a condition wherein your blood sugar is higher than normal because your insulin is not properly working either because your pancreas isn’t producing enough or either your cells are not able to use it properly. Type 1 and type … Continue reading

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Treating Wounds and Physical Trauma

If your family member experiences a car accident, they may suffer from deep bruises and wounds. These injuries may also result in temporary mobility impairment that can affect their quality of life immensely. Even if your loved one makes it out of the hospital, they still need to rest at home to recuperate from their … Continue reading

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