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4 Helpful Tips to Promote Preventative Care at Home!

4 Helpful Tips to Promote Preventative Care at Home!

As a provider of family primary care in High Point, NC, we’re a big believer of the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Preventative health care is necessary in order for you to be able to keep track of your health. This involves regular check-ups, testing, etc. But as all things do, prevention should start at home. Make it a habit to promote preventative care at home with these simple tips:

  1. Home Testing

    Preventative health care is mostly concerned with advance testing and screening. With the right tools and equipment, you can perform some of these tests at home! These include blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar testing, etc.

  2. Healthy Lifestyle

    A healthy lifestyle is on top of the list when it comes to prevention. Everything we do to our body affects our health which is why opting for a healthier lifestyle is a must. This involves incorporating healthier foods into your diet and taking away the junk or the unhealthy food choices, drinking lots of water, and doing regular exercise.

  3. The Talk

    Talking about the importance of preventative health is also very important, especially for the family. Knowing how much it can affect and benefit us in every way can help encourage others to pursue preventative care on their own. Here are some things you can mention when you have ‘the talk’:

    • Preventative care not only helps us physically but financially as well. Preventing a disease also means preventing all the costs that come with it.
    • Preventative care allows us to perform better. Being sick means not being able to do much work. However, if we prevent that in the first place, then you will be able to maintain your performance.
    • You can get to know your body better through preventative care. Having this knowledge about what our body is going through can promote better lifestyle choices.
  4. Regular Check-ups

    Regular check-ups are considered basic when it comes to preventative care. Check-ups can include full tests and screening to check up your body and health. This can tell us what we need to do to avoid getting sick. On the other hand, if we do get sick, regular check-ups help with early detection which helps prevent the further worsening of our condition.

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